Being Together in dementia care really matters | Being Together in dementia care really matters

"Being Together in dementia care really matters"

A 2 day course focused on family support – London 

You are warmly invited to come and spend 2 days with David Sheard following his appearance in Channel 4 series - Dementiaville looking at family support in dementia care.

See, hear, feel and learn the approach he demonstrates on TV in supporting families to ‘ be together ’ whilst living with someone experiencing a dementia.

This is a 2 day Workshop, offered for the first time in London for facilitators of support groups or anyone providing family support.

“ David’s beliefs, values, boundless energy and passion have driven changes that to many were only a dream. His herculean effort has revolutionised the culture of care nationally and internationally.”

Care Personality of the Year 2014
(Judging panel 16th National Care Awards 2014)

Relationships really matter in dementia care

“The emphasis should be on being together – not dementia. Don’t let it dominate. He couldn’t be without me and I couldn’t be without him. In spite of dementia we are still together.”

This 2 day Workshop looks at bringing relationships into the heart of dementia care.

David Sheard over the 2 days will share his own feelings, skills and training materials developed in individual and support group approaches.

Participants will be shown how to use these materials in their own role in supporting individuals and families

Venue: NCVO, London

2 and 3 September 2015

£195 + VAT for one place

Includes – a copy of Being: an approach life and dementia - authored by Dr David Sheard


“The real essence of reaching and supporting other people is the willingness to be real, to show vulnerability and to explore together the common experience we all have of being on an emotional journey in life. This involves particularly understanding what the new concept of ‘being’ an ‘attached’ support worker in dementia care really means.”

Dr David Sheard

This 2 day course will focus on:

  • Exploring relationships, feelings and experiences between family members.
  • Anticipating the range of emotions and family experiences needing to be supported.
  • Designing individual family support and support group sessions within dementia care.
  • Identifying facilitation skills and approaches which help family support sessions.
  • Experiencing David Sheard’s learning exercises and how to facilitate these.
  • Developing an A-Z approach to help people in working with families.
  • Enabling people to focus on Being Together with dementia, not experiencing it alone.
  • Practicing responses when faced with challenging moments within family support. 


This national course gets to the essence of the Feelings Matter Most Model of Support.

  • Designed for nurses, social workers and other care workers in Health and Social Care Services, and particularly people working voluntarily, who have a role in supporting individuals and families living with a dementia. 
  • Outlines Dementia Care Matters beliefs and training material which focusses on why positive dementia care is all about good emotional care.
  • Provides a range of training materials for use by facilitators in support group meetings.
  • Focusses on the model of facilitation which David Sheard demonstrates on TV. Experience, Feel, Learn and Act.
  • Includes a copy of 2 publications: 'Being – an approach to life and dementia’ authored by Dr David Sheard ‘Loving – the essence of being a butterfly in dementia care’ authored by Sally Knocker
  • Learn from David after his 35 years what really works in reaching people living with a dementia, their family and supportive friends.
  • Meet, network and learn from other colleagues in the dementia care field who as participants on this course will be encouraged to share their experiences in providing support for people living with a dementia.

For booking forms and further information please contact:

Learning Coordinator
Dementia Care Matters
Unit B, 4 Chessingham Park
YO19 5SE
Tel. 01904 481405