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Channel 4 Series : Dementiaville,  Programme 2 : Supporting Families


The first programme in this series featured Poppy Lodge at Galanos House, a Royal British Legion Care Home. Poppy Lodge follows our Butterfly Household Model of Care and also holds our National Quality of Life Butterfly Award. 

For over 35 years I have been alongside many people living with a dementia , their partners and families. Often for a very long time families have been doing their best with very little support or guidance. When I do meet families a common statement made to me is ' Why didn't I know this - why did no one tell me how to ' BE ' - it would have made such a difference'

In the second programme in this series I was asked to meet and support 3 families who are experiencing living with dementia.

The programme explores with these inspiring families their emotional journey together.

Our Key Messages

* people living with a dementia are more feeling beings than thinking beings

* joining a person in their reality involves crossing the bridge into their world

* loving the person as they are and not trying to ' fix ' them reduces stress

* emotional memories are one key to reaching the person on the inside

* helping a person to be who they were and to live in the moment works

* everything a person says or does has some meaning and is about a feeling

* the person is still there if only we can find them, this means searching beyond the literal

* there are no experts in dementia care it's just about thinking outside of the box

* remember you are doing your best and you too are only human

It was an honour to meet and be alongside the 3 families in the Programme as they explored what ' Being Together ' means

Being Together Resources

For an information sheet on Dementia Care Matters approach go to our website. 

For information on a ' Being Together ' course for group facilitators click here

For more information for family members read Dr David Sheard Information Sheet 

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DVD 1: Feelings in dementia care matter

Help colleagues to understand the importance of ‘being’ person centred with people with dementia rather than focussing on ‘doing’ tasks.

DVD 6: Needing a real quality dementia care home

Understand what family members really want from a dementia care home

Book 1: “Being: an approach to life and living with a dementia.”

BEING person centred involves helping staff to shift their focus from only “doing” tasks to being able to reach people on the inside. Being takes a fresh look at what it really means to be person centred.

Dementia Care Matters and Barchester Care Homes produced a booklet to help identify the best dementia care 'Choosing a dementia care home' for your copy contact our office or download a copy

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Read David Sheards latest article for the Open University 'Creating Moments through "Being Together"'

Thank you for watching this Series - your interest is really appreciated.

Please spread the message that great dementia care is all about the need for great emotional support.


David Sheard (Dr)

CEO / Founder,Dementia Care Matters.

Visiting Senior Fellow,University of Surrey.

Care Personality of the Year 2014 - 16th UK National Care Awards

Channel 4 Series Consultant - Dementiaville

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