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Ivy House

Ivy House provides a service in the Eastbourne community for those living with a dementia.

Ivy House is the dream of Jane Lowe, a qualified mental health nurse who has been caring for people living with a dementia for many years. Concerned with the need to improve the quality of life for those living with a dementia she conceived the idea and a few months later, in 2011, after acquiring a beautiful Victorian property in central Eastbourne, the idea became a reality.

Ivy Care is focused on "seeing the person". Each person's condition is different, as is their character and personality and the nature of the lives that they have lived. Perhaps more importantly, their memories are also quite unique and understanding this is critical to understanding how to help them.

Top Tips from Jane Lowe, Founder of Ivy House

When looking for day care think about

1. Ratios of support, Ivy House for instance operates a 1:5 ratio

2. What does it smell like?

3. Would you like to go there?

4. Are the staff happy?

5. Do people look happy and engaged?

6. What is the atmosphere like?

7. Ask to see a care plan profile?

8. You should be able to drop in with out appointment of course we all prefer to know that there is a visitor coming because we would often pull in an extra member of staff to give the enquiry the attention that they deserve. Read more....

Jane Lowe will be a guest at Dementia Care Matters Annual Conference at the University of Surrey, Guildford on 24th June 2015.  To book your place

For more information on Ivy House visit their website

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