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Mattering in hospital – Dementia Care® a 2-day In-House Workshop 

“ Two years on from Compassion in Practice spreading the 6Cs – Care, Compassion, Competence, Communication, Courage and Commitment, this course will focus on how dementia care experience matters.”
Dr David Sheard

This In - House course will enable participants to explore the ‘Feelings Matters Most’ approach and its implementation on hospital wards in achieving a positive culture of dementia care.

Real Culture Change in Hospitals Matters

“My whole approach, way of thinking and way of responding has totally changed thanks to Dementia Care Matters ”

This In House course is focused on achieving culture change, skills and a dignity agenda on Acute Wards and Old Age Psychiatry wards for people experiencing a dementia.

Designed for Managers, Nurses, Therapy Staff and Health Care Assistants who wish to positively focus their work on hospital wards supporting people living with a dementia Participants from other hospital services are welcome in transferring this course into their own work role.

Course Information

A 2-day In House course in 2 x 1 days

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