Dementia Care Matters – Inspiring People

Let's introduce ourselves across the DCM teams in the UK, Canada and Australia.

As individual people we passionately believe that 'Feelings Matter Most' in dementia care.  We aim to model ourselves how BEING person centred is at the heart of our approach to learning and developing services.

Leadership is about creating services that hold up an exciting mirror image of what dementia care can look, sound and feel like.

Leadership Team

Peter Bewert


Innovative - Determined - Compassionate

David Sheard


Inspiring - Emotional - Driven

Peter Priednieks


Senior Consultant - Reflective - Coach

Samantha Crawley

National Director, UK & Ireland

Real – Inspiring – NLP Coach

Catarina Versaevel

National Director, Canada

Expertise - Strategic - Executive

Helen Blayden

National Director, Australia

Dedication - Belief - Committment

UK & Ireland

Sally Knocker

Senior Consultant Trainer

Playful - Loving - Motivating

Daren Felgate

Senior Associate Consultant Trainer

Perspective - Fun - Facilitator

Deborah Evans

Associate Consultant

Determined - Loving - Loyal

Mike Phillips

Associate Consultant Trainer

Passionate - Caring - Loving

Gemma Diss

Consultant Trainer

Passionate - Tenacious - Positive

Luke Tanner

Consultant Trainer

Therapeutic - Insightful - Fun

Gloria Haynes

Associate Consultant

Adventurous - Compassionate - Honest

David Owen

Associate Consultant

Sensitive - Fun - Honest

Birgit Rodejohann

Support Manager

Comitted - Focussed - Supportive

Deborah Espect

Executive Assistant

Empathetic - Hard-working - Passionate

Jo Baker

Accounts Administrator

Joss Jones

Office Assistant

Dedicated - Passionate - Social


Sharon Turner

Support Manager

Passionate – Loyal - Caring

Sharon Cobcroft

Consultant Trainer

Playful - Empathetic - Supportive

Louise DeWolf

Consultant Trainer

Passionate - Empathetic - Happy