Mike Phillips | Mike Phillips

Mike Phillips  Associate Consultant Trainer 

Passionate about dementia care

Mike originally trained as an actor in his homeland of Wales. In his spare time, he volunteered with a mental health charity and went on to set up a charity himself which soon took over his life!

Mike has worked mainly in the charity sector ever since: in areas such as mental health, HIV and dementia. Freelance since 2008, Mike has delivered training across London, the UK and internationally.

Mike is qualified as a Dementia Care Mapper, Belbin Team Roles Trainer and the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.

He is an associate with several organisations, including Directory of Social Change (a charity that delivers training to charities around management/leadership, communication skills and fundraising where he used to be on the Senior Management Team).

Mike’s passion for dementia and working with older people found its roots in his childhood – he spent many of those years growing up and spending time in a care home that was managed by his grandmother. He is convinced that (even in the later stages of dementia) it is still possible to create a connection with people with dementia if we open our hearts and minds.

One of his most inspiring experiences was whilst training in Cape Town, South Africa. Whilst visiting a group of people with dementia in a township, despite extreme poverty and limited resources, he saw ‘magic’ happen: the happiest group of people with dementia he’s ever met. What created this? It was one simple thing – love!

Those looking after people with dementia did what they were doing with love and heart – it was an amazing experience which he will remember forever.

Mike is therefore delighted to be a Dementia Care Matters Associate – for that’s the philosophy DCM aims to promote – opening our own hearts and minds so that we can truly connect with people with dementia.