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'David Sheard and the UK 'Butterfly Household'comes to Australia' to find out more click here

We are delighted to announce that Sheena Wyllie, former Director of Dementia Services at Barchester Healthcare, has joined Dementia Care Matters on 1 April, 2015, as our Senior Consultant Nurse, bringing to DCM her national reputation built over the last 15 years in developing dementia care services in the UK and beyond.

Dementia Care Matters 9th Annual Conference in association with the Journal of Dementia Care.
“Safe? Effective? Caring? Responsive? Well-led? The future of dementia care really matters”
University of Surrey, Guildford – Keynote Speaker: Andrea Sutcliffe, Chief Inspector of Adult Social Care at the Care Quality Commission. 

The ‘S’ Factor in Dementia Care - Free celebratory events across the UK and Ireland in 2015. To celebrate 20 years of Dementia Care Matters come and join David Sheard as he reveals: The ‘S’ Factor in Dementia Care....... read more


Dementia Care Matters already has a well-established inspirational model transforming dementia care homes. Following significant development we are now able to share our new model of homecare services ‘Mattering At Home.’..... read more


Watch David Sheard on Canadian national news

As part of David Sheard's tour around Canada working with the Alzheimer's Society of Alberta and the Northwest Territories and ICCER, David appeared on Canadian national news on Wednesday 22nd October 2014. The news piece was about dementia care improvement in Canada. You can watch the clip on the Global News website here.


August 2014

David Sheard has been delivering his keynote speech as part of the Australian Government Aged Care Quality Agency's conference - 'Better Practice 2014'. He has spoken at five locations including Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney and Brisbane from the UK using Skype.

Upcoming conference dates that he will be speaking at include Perth on Thursday 16th October and in Hobart on Thursday 20th November 2014.

July 2014

Stimulating Hallways Matter - New information to support care homes to be able to balance the development of hallways and comply with fire regulations.

April 2014

NEW RESOURCE Emotional Risk Assessment (ERA)

 David Sheard launched the new Emotional Risk Assessment (ERA) tool at Dementia Care Matter's 8th Annual Conference in Guildford in April 2014. It's a risk assessment tool to measure risks to people's well-being. Download ERA

January 2014

NEW RESOURCE for staff working in museums and libraries!

This checklist was devised by Dementia Care Matters working in Cumbria as part of the Dementia Strategy initiative in this region. It identifies areas to develop to help make libraries and museums more welcoming places for people living with a dementia and their families to visit.  The aim of this checklist is to get people talking about the changes they might need to make to support people living with a dementia to enjoy these services more.   The checklist is aimed at staff and volunteers in museums and libraries but might also be of interest to those working in other community services like shops, leisure centres and anywhere that brings people together.  Download our checklist 

December 2013

Dementia Care Matters begins work with a new Butterfly Project home in York. Graham Terry, Assistant Director, Adult Commissioning, Modernisation and Provision, City of York Council, said: “We can’t create a true household model of care at our existing care homes because of the design of the buildings but, working with Dementia Care Matters, we hope to trial ways of significantly improving the feel and operation of the ‘home’ at Windsor House. Full Press Release

January 2013  Health in Wales reports:

"Care and Social Services Inspectorate Wales’ (CSSIW) Chief Inspector Imelda Richardson, launched CSSIW’s annual report for 2011-12 today, while on a visit with Gwenda Thomas, the Deputy Minister for Children and Social Services, to an innovative dementia project in Clydach Court, Rhondda Cynon Taf. 

The annual report highlights the continuing challenges facing local authorities and their delivery partners in 2011–12 due to the increasing demand for care and social services and the increasing complexity of needs.  

During the visit the Chief Inspector also launched CSSIW’s Participation Plan, which outlines how service users, families, providers and carers groups can get involved even further in its work. Imelda Richardson said:  I’m pleased to be able to visit Clydach Court meet with residents, their family, friends and staff and hear about their experiences and the improvements and difference the centre is making to their lives.

Clydach Court is a good example of the care people who need it should be able to receive and we are committed to working with them, as well as other providers of care and people who use services, their families and carers to improve standards." Clydach Court is a Dementia Care Matters Butterfly Service Home.


December 2012 - Recruitment - Expressions of Interest: Post - Consultant Nurse Dementia Care Matters.  Inspirational Nurse: Expert Facilitator: Person Centred on the inside- In 2013 Dementia Care Matters will be seeking to recruit to this full time post. This is an exciting but very demanding opportunity for a Senior Nurse. Applicants will need to demonstrate total commitment, leadership and practice skills in Dementia Care Matters philosophy. Keys skills as a Dementia Care Consultant and Trainer are essential particularly in Dementia Care Matters style of facilitation and training.  Academic rigour and management report writing skills critical.

The post requires someone with an inspiring personality, able to lead managers, nurses and care workers to want to change cultures. It is essential that a Nurse joining Dementia Care Matters has participated and completed at least 1 of Dementia Care Matters University Recognised Courses.

Dementia Care Matters work load is exciting, rigorous and demanding and someone has to feel that this is more a life than a job and that it really means something to the person to be part of Dementia Care Matters.  The work involves at least 3 days per week travelling the UK or Ireland and the overnight stays linked to this.

In return we offer a fantastic team of colleagues, a leading edge national opportunity and an organisations work that is less about talking person centred care and more about really getting on with it.

Please submit an expression of interest in terms of why you would want us to consider you to David Sheard at

October 2012 - Available Now -  "Mattering in a dementia care home: Part one" was launched at Congress in Brighton in October. It is Dementia Care Matters NEW 2 hour DVD training programme for nurses, care workers and managers.  David Sheard with four leading care homes demonstrates the very best dementia care. Linked to Qualifications and Credit Framework’s dementia related qualifications Cost:  £165 + VAT 

October 2012 - Response to Talking Point feature, Journal of Dementia Care, Volume 20 No. 5 September / October 2012. "Time to explore some accepted "wisdom" in dementia care."  click here

March 2012 - Congratulations to Anita and the team at Wren Hall for their success in winning the "Best Re-development (small)" - Pinders National Design Award 2012.

February 2012 -  David Sheard appears in Welsh TV programme, titled 'Un o Bob Tri' (One In Every Three) on S4C on 29 February at 20.25. Fflic TV, based in Cardiff, were last year commissioned by S4C to produce a programme looking at the incidence of dementia in Wales and how care is provided to people who develop the condition. As a recognised provider of dementia care they asked Fairways whether they could film at Glyn Menai in Bangor, a care home that Dementia Care Matters has worked with.

OUR CAMPAIGN 2012 - Achieving Quality of Life in Dementia Care Homes  

Seven Key Targets That Would Radically Improve Dementia Care Homes: 

1.     Cohesive Commissioning - In the UK there is no clear vision of what model of dementia care works in care homes:  this requires investment in research.

2.     Specialist Dementia Care Inspection - The current use in CQC of a generic outcomes methodology across all health and social care services is flawed.  Dementia care homes need to be inspected using a dementia specialist measurement approach.

3.     Sense In Administration - Dementia care homes are drowning in very burdensome paper requirements from commissioners and regulators which is directly preventing quality of care.

4.     No Fee Disincentives - Currently high quality dementia care homes who manage through positive innovative person centred care to reduce a person’s expressions of behaviour then receive a fee reduction – whilst poor quality care homes that do not have these skills and inappropriately rely on neuroleptics use receive high level fees – this lacks basic common sense.

5.     Investment In Culture Change Programmes - Investing in a competency based approach to dementia care training is misguided and reinforces task orientation.  Dementia care homes need culture change programmes backed up by person centred leadership training.

6.     A National Emotional Labour Strategy - Dementia care is all about emotional care and this requires staff giving emotional labour.  Care staff need to be guaranteed by employers - support, training and guidance for their emotional labour needs.

7.     Positive Recognition Of Overseas Workers - Dementia care homes in the UK are totally reliant on the dedication of staff from overseas and this requires a PR strategy to improve the regard and morale of these staff.  

November 2011 - Congratulations to Anne, Martin, Sarah and all of the staff at Merevale House and Val Gains from Threshfield Court, Barchester Healthcare for their success at the National Dementia Care Awards which were presented on 2 November at Dementia Congress in Liverpool.  Merevale House won the award for “Outstanding Dementia Care Product or Innovation” and also the award for “Best Dementia Care Home.

 David commented: " This award marks 25 years of Merevale House and Annes passion, heart and emotional intelligence in knowing always what matters most in dementia care. Merevale House will always be the spiritual home of Dementia Care Matters and I remain indebted forever to Anne for believing in me. It is where all my work began 16 years ago, where I felt at home running Dementia Care Matters in its early years and the source of many of our concepts and ideas. Merevale House to this day is a personal anchor for me in knowing what they achieve can spread elsewhere. It is a mark of Anne's humbleness that she was truly surprised at the Awards ceremony how many people's lives in dementia care across the UK Merevale's philosophy has reached. From the bottom of my heart I and everyone in Dementia Care Matters sends Anne, Martin her deputy and the whole team our many congratulations for proving that dementia care can be so different."

Val Gains won the award for the “Best Dementia Care Home Manager.“ David commented: " Threshfield Court holds a special place in Dementia Care Matters development as it is one of the first large 'corporate' care homes to prove that what Anne had achieved at Merevale House could equally be transferred to this type of home. Backed by Barchester Healthcare's Memory Lane philosophy and led by Sheena Wyllie Director of Dementia Care's driven determination to make things happen Threshfield Court is one of their Beacon sites. It has been a pleasure to work alongside Val, Liz her Deputy and this special team who have put such faith in our work with them and we are proud that they hold Dementia Care Matters kite mark for achieving Quality of Life in dementia care. We are all thrilled in Dementia Care Matters that Vals leadership and her personal qualities have been recognised through this award - there is no one deserves it more."


April 2011 - David Sheard has shared Dementia Care Matters full model of dementia care in his new guide.

Achieving real outcomes in dementia care homes.           

July 2010 - David Sheard has been awarded an Honorary Doctorate by the University of Surrey.








October 2010 - Dementia Care in the NHS

At the 2nd National Conference on Acute Hospitals and Dementia, organised by St Helens and Knowsley Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, David Sheard launched Dementia Care Matters' new model "Inspiring Dementia Care in the NHS: The 70 point NHS Culture and Quality of Care Checklist.  checklist

October 2010 - Inspiring Home Support

At a conference organised by Worcestershire County Council, Peter Priednieks, Director and Daren Felgate, Consultant / Trainer lauched Dementia Care Matters' new model for dementia care home support "Inspiring Home Support: The 50 Point Outcomes" Checklist. - checklist

 July 2010 - Launch of The Butterfly Model of Care Quality of Life Accreditation Award

Dementia Care Matters has launched The Butterfly Model of Care Quality of Life Accreditation Award  which focuses on quality of life outcomes, being recognised for quality dementia care and which provides the Care Quality Commission with independent evidence. press release

 December 2009 - Dementia Care Matters and the BBC / Open University

 'Feelings Matter Most' in action -   As you may be aware Dementia Care Matters was recently involved with the BBC in contributing to the series: 'Can Gerry Robinson Fix Dementia Care Homes?'

 The series was shown on:  Tuesday, 8 December BBC 2 at 9 pm and  Tuesday 15 December BBC 2 at 9 pm

The series looked at the quality of life for people living with a dementia in three examples of care homes.

The presenter was Sir Gerry Robinson .  In the first programme Paul Edwards from Bradford Dementia Group is featured working with one home using Dementia Care Mapping. Also in the first programme Anne Fretwell and myself are introduced, including Anne's care home Merevale House previously featured in Alzheimer's Society's national training DVD 'Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow'.

The whole of the second programme features excerpts of myself and Anne working with Sir Gerry Robinson using Dementia Care Matters model published by Alzheimer's Society:

· Enabling -- our qualitative observational evaluation

· Inspiring -- the leadership matters approach and 50 point checklist

· Growing -- training that works in dementia care

 It demonstrates how quality of life improvements are dependent on real leadership and culture change and the challenges it presents an organisation with. We hope that you find the series adds to the debate and evidence of what matters most in dementia care. Dementia Care Matters thought long and hard about its involvement in this programme and felt the opportunity to reach a large national audience was worth the commitment required.

In addition, David has recorded a post-programme webcast with the Open University where myself and a panel give an expert's opinion on some of the issues the programme raises. This can be accessed via:

Everyone in Dementia Care Matters looks forward to discussing the content and impact of this programme with you over the coming months. Do feel free to circulate this e-mail to the widest possible audience.