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" Achieving Culture Change in Dementia Care turns everything upside down - the time has to feel  right. Over the last 16 years I have had a number of speaking engagements in the USA on leading a new model of care. Dementia Care Matters senses the time may now have come, as in the UK, Ireland, Canada and Australia. We hope the learning from Butterfly Care Homes can be valuable in the USA "

Dr David Sheard

David Sheard - UK Care Personality of the Year 2014

In 2014 David Sheard received this award - the Judging Panel noted :

“ David’s beliefs, values, boundless energy and passion have driven changes that to many were only a dream. His herculean effort has revolutionised the culture of care nationally and internationally. ”


The senior living community near Atlanta will offer emotion-based care.

USA August 2017 - USA huge Launch in August 2017 of First Butterfly Home Project in Atlanta - pivotal development with US becoming the 5th country to spread the butterfly movement proving dementia care matters.  Read more here     Read more about this project here

Recent articles - Park Springs

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Culture Change in Long Term Care

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Dr David Sheard - USA Speaking Engagements

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International Development

Over a period of 20 years beginning Dementia Care Matters work has focused on real culture change and evidence based practice development. This is outlined in 17 books and DVDs in the Feelings Matter Most series which has led to Dementia Care Matters becoming a national leader in the UK. Over the last 4 years it's work is spreading internationally and is featuring in the international journals 

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TV Series and YouTube 

In the UK Dementia Care Matters has featured in 2 prominent TV Series - for the BBC " Can Gerry Robinson Fix Dementia Care Homes " and in 2015 for Channel 4 " Dementiaville "

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Dementia Care Matters is a member organisation and would really welcome members from the USA to join our culture change movement in dementia care

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