Our strategic model - "Getting it"

Becoming a person centred organisation is all about 'getting it' - excellent dementia care involves creating a culture where the service brings out the best in staff and people living with a dementia. 

Dementia Care Matters has an evidence based approach to developing dementia care in organisations. Our team of expert consultants and trainers apply a model consisting of 12 core beliefs and achieving 36 outcomes in dementia care.

This approach is based on over 30 years experience working in developing dementia care in the UK, Ireland, USA and Canada. Over the last 16 years Dementia Care Matters has shown that real improvements to the lived experience of people with a dementia requires a commitment to a joined up real Vision, set of feeling based Beliefs and firmly held Values with a strategy and operational plan that will focus on measurable outcomes, maintaining momentum and creating sustainability within an organisation.

Dementia Care Matter's approach to making a real difference to lives of people with a dementia involves changing cultures at all levels of an organisation. We look forward to discussing with you how real quality in dementia care can be achieved.

 'Quality of life matters and is the only real indicator of quality of service in person centred dementia care'

 David Sheard
Chief Executive and Founder, Dementia Care Matters