Butterfly Care Homes

The Butterfly Household Model of Care was founded by Dr David Sheard in 1995. The model now comprises in terms of its intellectual property of over 170 developed culture leadership and practice development tools. Butterfly Care Homes now exist in the UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia and commence in July 2017 in the USA.

Recognising that managers and staff struggle to change cultures of care through training alone, care homes can contract with Dementia Care Matters for a one year culture change programme known as a Butterfly Project. Dementia Care Matters has pioneered a 'Household model' where 3 elements - Leadership Consultancy, House leader/Nurse Coaching and the "Being a Butterfly®" learning programme for staff are led by a Dementia Care Matters Project Consultant. This is a published model in 'Achieving: real outcomes in dementia care homes.' 

Currently over 100 Care Homes, spread across the corporate, local authority, charitable and independent organisations have adopted this model. This leads to achieving The Butterfly Model of Care Quality of Life Accreditation Award and being recognised as a Butterfly Care Home. 

Dementia Care Matters has sufficient evidence, through many years of delivering Learning and Development programmes, that without project management care homes are limited in achieving the implementation and quality of life outcomes promoted by person centred and relationship focused dementia care.

Organisations have come to see that this model of dementia care is transferable, with some appropriate adjustments, to all care homes supporting people living with or without a dementia. Dementia Care Matters has experience of taking this model into traditional nursing home environments.

Dementia Care Matters also specialises in developing later stage dementia care.