Developing “Butterfly Services®”


 We want to help you achieve real outcomes in dementia care.

Dementia Care Matters is keen to work in partnership with organisations on strategic projects which bring all elements of our Model of Care together into an holistic approach. The aim of the partnership is to develop your care service into a Dementia Care Matters ‘Butterfly Service’ and take advantage of the benefits that previous and current projects report. To include:

  • Increased well-being.

  • Evidence of quality of life outcomes for regulators.

  • Reduced staff turnover, sickness & absenteeism

  • Decreased falls & safeguarding alerts.

  • Achieving peoples’ weight gain.

  • Business advantage through reputation.

 ‘The impact of the Butterfly Project on the people that live and work here has been moving and positive. Staff are now empowered to BE with people in a loving and meaningful way with a confidence that has increased hugely as the staff continually grow." 

Project Home Manager

Our 50 point Checklist is a key tool for developing care homes - DOWNLOAD

A project would span twelve months. A project provides the opportunity to implement a holistic approach to improving the culture of care. A project provides a focus on improving the lived experience for people living with a dementia through a mix of the methods described in this webpage.

Projects begin with an audit carried out by two Dementia Care Matters Consultants to evaluate the lived experience of people with a dementia in the care setting. A comprehensive report and action plan will be provided from the findings of the audit.
The action plan will then provide the basis for an agreement between the two organisations regarding the most appropriate mix of consultancy support, direct coaching and training.
This will be scoped by our Consultant Trainers working directly with the manager to achieve a realistic outcome.

The Butterfly Project will provide a comprehensive approach to ensuring the Model of Care is finally embedded and sustained usually requiring a twelve month project. However it is recognised that for smaller care services with limited resources this may not be possible and Dementia Care Matters would help to seed the new Model leaving key people in the organisation to continue to develop the approach.