Dementia Care Matters Channel 4 Dementiaville Programme 1 Poppy Lodge | When Channel Four approached Dementia Care Matters about Dementiaville we were delighted that they were really committed to filming positive approaches in dementia care.

Channel 4 Series
: Dementiaville

Poppy Lodge

As Series Consultant careful consideration was given in identifying a Dementia Care Matters Butterfly Care Home. This was a rare opportunity to show the viewing public what real person centred dementia care looks, sounds and feels like.

Poppy Lodge at Galanos House in Southam, Warwickshire is a Royal British Legion Care Home.

On opening Poppy Lodge it became for one year a Butterfly Care Home Project. The Project implemented Dementia Care Matters model of care - the Butterfly Household Model - elements of which you see in this Programme.

Jo-Anne Wilson Matron had enthusiastically for over 15 years followed Dementia Care Matters approach in dementia care. Poppy Lodge is an inspiring example of what a dementia care home can be like for everyone supporting, living or working there.

Butterfly Care Homes

In the Programme you see some of the key concepts in Butterfly Care Homes which we believe brings out the best in people experiencing a dementia accepting people as they are and going with a persons reality

* valuing peoples life history and the importance of peoples emotional memories

* filling the place up with the stuff of life to prevent emptiness inside people

* focusing on the emotional intelligence in staff to enable people to be reached

* removing all signs of an institution and creating households for people to really live in

* occupying people with both who they were in the past and living in the moment

Becoming a Butterfly Care Home

Butterfly Care Homes are spreading across the UK, Ireland, Canada and soon Australia.

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Poppy Lodge at Dementia Care Matters 9th Annual Conference

Come and meet Jo-Anne Wilson Matron General Manager and Craig Edser Activities Coordinator from Poppy Lodge, featured in Programme One, at Dementia Care Matters Annual Conference held at the University of Surrey 24th June 2015.

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"Can Gerry Robinson Fix Dementia Care Homes?" Business guru Sir Gerry Robinson battles apathy, complacency and low expectations on his mission to change the culture of dementia care homes. This BBC DVD is available to purchase from our shop

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David Sheard (Dr)

CEO / Founder,Dementia Care Matters.

Visiting Senior Fellow,University of Surrey.

Care Personality of the Year 2014 - 16th UK National Care Awards

Channel 4 Series Consultant - Dementiaville

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