Mattering in hospital – dementia care® | Training Skills Matter in Dementia Care London

Mattering in hospital – Dementia Care® a 2-day In-House Workshop 

“Two years on from Compassion in Practice spreading the 6Cs – Care, Compassion, Competence, Communication, Courage and Commitment, this course will focus on how dementia care experience matters.”
Dr David Sheard

This in-house course will enable participants to explore the ‘Feelings Matters Most’ approach and its implementation on hospital wards in achieving a positive culture of dementia care.

Real Culture Change in Hospitals Matters

“My whole approach, way of thinking and way of responding has totally changed thanks to Dementia Care Matters”

This in-house course is focused on achieving culture change, skills and a dignity agenda on Acute Wards and Old Age Psychiatry wards for people experiencing a dementia.

Designed for Managers, Nurses, Therapy Staff and Health Care Assistants who wish to positively focus their work on hospital wards supporting people living with a dementia participants from other hospital services are welcome in transferring this course into their own work role.

Course Information

A 2-day in-house course in 2 x 1 days

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