Mattering in Hospital - 2-day in-house workshop

Dementia Care Matters' Model of Care is now equally seen as transferable into acute hospital services. A large scale review of acute hospital services within a region of the UK was commissioned by the National Health Service with Dementia Care Matters. As a result, Dementia Care Matters now offers Mattering in Hospital®.

The national focus is increasing on the need to achieve culture change in the NHS. There is a renewed emphasis on the quality of people's experience in hospital. Re-establishing compassion is high on the agenda; this focus has a complete synergy with Dementia Care Matters' philosophy. Our evidence-base in Health and Social Care is of developing culture change programmes which achieve quality of life. We do this through:           

  • undertaking detailed qualitative observation of the lived experience on hospital wards
  • strategic evaluation of the quality of acute dementia care services
  • audits of ward environments to create supportive dementia areas
  • developing appropriate environments for people living with a dementia
  • ward leadership coaching and nurse modelling programmes
  • compassionate care training in dementia care
  • culture change training          

This in-house course will enable participants to explore the ‘Feelings Matters Most’ approach and its implementation on hospital wards in achieving a positive culture of dementia care.      

Duration: 2 days (2 x 1-day workshops)             

On this course you will learn about:                                                                                    

  • Improving people's lived experience on wards in terms of positive dementia care
  • Using Dementia Care Matters' ‘Look Checklist’ to improve the ward as a dementia specific environment
  • Communicating with people at different ‘stages of dementia’ in hospital and learning ways to connect
  • Occupying people living with a dementia in ward bays through innovative activity ideas
  • Measuring individual patient well-being and ill-being using validated tools. Reducing peoples’ expression of ‘behaviours’ on hospitals wards – through recipes that work

For further information on commissioning this in-house course please contact us on 01273 242 335 or email