Moving off Tasks (MOT) Training 



When a car is coming up for its MOT there is often anxiety whether the vehicle will be fit for purpose and sail through the MOT or end up with a list of car maintenance requirements.


Dementia Care Matters sees a similar analogy in the whole area of achieving culture change in care services where an old model needs upgrading.   Just as in successfully getting a car through its MOT the main fear is that the engine hasn’t caved in so the big challenge in care services in achieving renewal is whether a care service has managed to reduce task orientation – MOVING OFF TASKS.



Dementia Care Matters recognises that just as with a car the three key parts of gears, clutch and brakes are critical so equally the three areas within a care service of achieving person centred care within a group living setting whilst still achieving completion of daily tasks is a particular challenge.

                                Group Living   
   Task Orientation   Person Centred Care


Dementia Care Matters believes there are effective ways to ‘tinker’ with an old model just like a car mechanic which will hold on to the best of what is already working within a care service whilst adding in new parts.  MOVING OF TASKS (MOT) training provides some new parts and an MOT for a care service as below:


"Becoming a Butterfly."

This workshop is effective in moving staff focus away from TASK.  


“An introduction to essential skills that all care staff need......Why  didn’t I  know this before?”  (course participant) 


 It is THE workshop where you can  SEE, HEAR and FEEL  instant results.

  • Motivate staff to increase positive interactions with people and change the moment.
  • Change the atmosphere in your lounges instantly.
  • Turn your staff into colourful butterflies.
  • Prove activities can be part of everyone’s role.
  • Know how to fill up the environment.
  • Create real outcomes for CQC and commissioners.


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