Speaking Engagements

Our team are involved in conferences and key dementia care events across the UK, Ireland, USA, Canada & Australia. 


CQC Dementia Conference, London, UK - Tuesday 29th January - Dr David Sheard

Disrupting Dementia Care, Wales, UK - Wednesday 30th January - Keynote: "Being a Disruptor in Dementia Care" - Dr David Sheard

Beyond Dementia Care - All Care Matters Masterclass, Peterborough - Wednesday 27th March - Dr David Sheard

Disrupting Dementia Care, Dublin, UK - Wednesday 26th June - Dr David Sheard


The Faculty Club, Alberta, Canada - Tuesday 10th April - Keynote - Dr David Sheard

CLPNA, Edmonton, Canada - Friday 13th April - "New Culture Nursing - An Approach to Person-Centred Care" - Dr David Sheard

Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council, Wales, UK - Thursday 3rd May - "The Butterfly Model" - Dr David Sheard

Region of Peel Council Meeting, Ontario, Canada - Thursday 10th May - "The Butterfly Household Model of Care" - Dr David Sheard

Primacare Living Solutions, London, Ontario, Canada - Friday 14th September - Catarina Versaevel, National Director Canada

Australian Nursing & Midwifery Federation Conference, Adelaide, Australia - Thursday 2nd August - Helen Blayden, National Director Australia & Louise DeWolf, Consultant Trainer

Early Onset Dementia Alberta Foundation, Alberta, Canada - Thursday 4th - Sunday 6th October

Friday 5th October, 10am - 11am: "The Wizard of Alzheimers - Dreaming of the Future of Dementia Care" -  Dr David Sheard

Friday 5th October, 1pm - 1.45pm: "Mattering and the Art of Nursing in Dementia Care" - Peter Bewert

Friday 5th October, 2pm - 2.45pm: "Evaluation of Butterflies - the Life My Way Report" - Dr David Sheard

Saturday 6th October, 3.15pm - 4pm: "The Dream of Dementia Care - True Change from Within" - Dr David Sheard

Westman Village Butterfly Project Launch, Calgary, Canada - Tuesday 9th October - "The Butterfly Model" - Dr David Sheard

Alzheimer's Society, Edmonton, Canada - Thursday 11th October - "Mattering at Home" workshop - Dr David Sheard

Disrupting Dementia Care, Toronto, Canada - Wednesday 17th October - click here for more information

Primacare Living Solutions Butterfly Project Launch, Ontario, Canada - Thursday 18th October - "The Butterfly Model" - Dr David Sheard

Alliance Group, Toronto, Canada - Friday 19th October - "The Butterfly Model: Spreading Culture Change in Dementia Care: What it takes to Get it" - Dr David Sheard

13th UK Dementia Congress, Brighton, UK - Tuesday 6th - Thursday 8th November

National Care Forum - Managers Conference - Warwick, UK - Monday 12th & Tuesday 13th November - Workshops by Samantha Crawley, National Director UK & Ireland and Sally Knocker, Senior Consultant Trainer

South West Dementia Social Care Conference - Trowbridge, UK - Thursday 22nd November - "We Are Family: Relationships Enhance Our Lives" - Dr David Sheard