What people have said about working with us:

Sean Collins, Owner Fairfield Nursing Home Drimoleague, Ireland
We now understand and value what makes people feel alive, we now understand that people must feel like they matter, they must have a purpose. We understand that it is how we make people feel is what is crucial. It is what we must do everyday.  Each and every person in Fairfield has responded incredibly to this challenge.  They have given of themselves emotionally. Staff now share personal stories and this resonates with our residents. They have connected with our residents, there is no longer a ‘them and us’- it’s a family. Our culture, our ethos, our way of living a full life is about recognizing that ‘feelings matter most’.

Vicky and Catherine, House Leaders on Dromusta, Fairfiled Nursing Home Drimoleague, Ireland
People are getting the attention and affection they deserve. This is no longer just a job where people are cared for. Our residents are like an extension of our family, staff strive to give love and attention and be in the moment with people.  It might be the touch of a hand, a whisper of a song or the smell of flowers. This is what brings a smile to peoples’ faces and makes it all worthwhile.

Lauren Allen, Nurse in Charge / Part Business Owner Manor Park
"The positives that are evident within our home at the present time are: people who live here are a lot happier they are more engaged in things that are happening throughout the day. We have seen a steady increase of people putting weight on through the last 12 months or remaining the same weight. A dramatic decrease in the use of neuroleptics, safeguarding issues and falls. The people who work at Manor Park have very positive things to say about the home - they love working here and at least 70% of them share the same vision as I do saying, it just does not feel like work it just feels like my second home with my second family. We hear this throughout the care team. From a business aspect: for the first time in 7 years the home is making money, we don’t have any empty beds and we even have a waiting list now."

Debra Keeling, RMBI’s Deputy Director of Care
“We have seen excellent outcomes for the residents from the holistic approach that the Dementia Care Matters model uses and we look forward to achieving even better results going forward.”

Laura Andrei, Deputy Manager, Dan Y Mynydd Care Home
I can honestly say the hard work and changes you’ve helped us achieve in the past year is nothing short of a miracle. I no longer look back at Dan Y Mydd 12 months ago and feel the pangs of guilt and responsibility for the poor experiences our residents had, I actually confront it and tell people it was pretty grim; but thanks to yourself and the inspirational people at Dementia Care Matters you’ve helped us to change a culture and individuals.

Thank you kindly for your hard work, knowledge and encouragement. A true inspiration!

Mandy Masters, Operations Director, Kingsley Healthcare Ltd
 ‘Our Journey’ began with Dementia Care Matters in June 2010 with an Inspirational Day with David Sheard for all home managers and our head office team. This was truly a turning point for our company, to see a glimpse of what real person centred care should look, sound and feel like. 

We have been working with David and his team now for 12 months and the changes happening in our care homes are astonishing.

The results speak for themselves; improvement in quality of life and wellbeing for the people living in our homes and a completely new way of working for our staff teams.  

Every day we just let the day unfold, what a wonderful way to be at work! 

Our working relationship with Dementia Care Matters continues to grow and we have a rolling annual programme in place including, staff training, Butterfly Projects and assistance with the design of our new builds and extensions.

We cannot recommend David and his team highly enough, every home has the potential to change, deliver truly person centred care and be the best. Dementia Care Matters can give you the inspiration to do this too!’

Anita (Astle)Peet,  Managing Director, Wren Hall Nursing Home
Working with Dementia Care Matters (DCM) has been an immensively inspiring experience not only for myself but for my whole team. Dementia Care Matters is far more than a training company; it is a Change Agent, a Motivator and Critical Friend.

The training provided is exceptional because of the variety of techniques used to convey the messages. DCM is extremely effective because each training day ends with trainees devising smart action plans which the DCM Trainer later follows up.

The Dementia Care Matters team all have different but complimentary skills; their common trait is their passion and committment to embedding the highest quality of Dementia Care and Person Centred Care within the teams they work with.

Not only does Dementia Care Matters embed person centred care but it practices it throughout its interface with Companies, teams and individual people.

I and my team have been working with DCM for a year now, we have come so far and our success has been through increased well being for residents, their relatives and my team. Sadly for me my waist has grown because of the chocolate always given out on each training session.

Lesley Gill, Care Sector Alliance Cumbria
Feedback from attendees indicated that they found the day truly inspirational. 

The day was a roller-coaster for us all - emotional, challenging, reflective, thought-provoking, creating enthusiasm for change, and a real wake up call – as David says ‘Do You Gerrit?’ 

Hmm – Feelings Matter Most – I think by the end of the day we were all ‘gerring it’ and are at the start of a most interesting journey.

Paragraph from article following "Feelings Matter Most" conference led by David Sheard.  

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