Sue Heiser | Sue Heiser

Sue Heiser - Academic Associate

I qualified as a social worker in my mid thirties, after time spent in disability work as part of the Independent Living Movement of the 70s.  Since 1994 my work has focussed on older people and dementia, first leading a local authority specialist team which helped develop services and improve practice in the days when dementia care was seen as a depressing career choice. 

I’ve worked extensively alongside staff in care homes, training, mentoring and supervising staff as well as helping change the attitudes of their managers.  I spent two years as a commissioner for services for younger people with dementia and have worked freelance as a consultant to local authorities. 

For eight years prior to my retirement in September 2011, I was Head of Residential Services in Camden, responsible for four care homes, employing 200 staff.  I’ve always appreciated David’s approach and believe strongly that life in a care home can be a positive experience if the support is offered with feeling and real interest in the people who live there.  A good built environment is a bonus. 

I’ve retained links with the dementia world since retirement through various voluntary roles and love my garden and spending time with many friends.